Accreditation Committee

WFNS Accreditation Committee for Board Certification in Neurosurgery

The WFNS Accreditation Committee for Board Certification in Neurosurgery was established on the 17th November 2007 in Nagoya. Its goal is to offer young neurosurgeons worldwide the possibility for acquiring international accreditation and recognition. Eligible for application are those neurosurgeons that are board certified at a national level.

The requirements for participation at the examinations are:

  1. Basic knowledge in neurosurgery (proven with oral or written examination).
  2. Skills in diagnosis and treatment in the whole spectrum of neurosurgical diseases.
  3. Research and teaching abilities (proven by a certain amount of publications and presentations at national or international meetings).

All neurosurgeons who have interest to acquire the WFNS Board Certification should pass the examination. They have to possess profound knowledge in the basic and applied neurosurgery. Further, they should have published (as first author) at least 1 article in international or at least 3 articles in national specialized journals. At least 1 presentation at international neurosurgical meeting is also required. The candidates have to attest to a member of the Accreditation Committee, their practical skills at their working place, including case analysis, treatment selection and surgical performance.

A Board Certificate will be given to those who have fulfilled all these requirements and who have passed the examination.
The Board Certificate will be signed and delivered by the President of the WFNS and the Chairman of the Accreditation Committee at the WFNS World Congress of Neurosurgery.

The members of the WFNS Accreditation Committee are highly respectable neurosurgeons who represent all continents.

Download the Accreditation Guidelines