At present, the main priorities of the Federation concern:


  1. The training of neurosurgeons from developing areas, both with the organization of Educational Courses in different countries and with the provision of grants to enable them to train at selected neurosurgical centers in different parts of the world.

  2. The donation of instruments and equipment, together with the necessary technical advice to allow them to be implemented in the neurosurgical units in economically challenged regions.

  3. Priority to public health issues, such as the prevention and treatment of head injuries and spinal trauma, vascular pathology with special attention to the elderly, treatment of degenerative diseases, prevention of developmental and neonatal malformations.

  4. Research in neurosurgical subspecialties, such as brain tumours, vascular pathologies and degenerative diseases.

  5. The assessment and introduction of new technologies.

  6. A forum for young neurosurgeons.

  7. Maintenance of a Website which addresses neurosurgical interests of physicians, corporations and the general public.


The WFNS Foundation, created in 2000 and incorporated in the U.S.A. (as the WFNS Foundation – USA) serves to promote education and training of neurosurgeons in the developing world.


The WFNS has official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) and acts as a consulting body through the WHO Working Group on Neurosurgery and the WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee.