Basic Rules For Candidate Countries To Hold A Course


You may find below the Rules to Organize a WFNS Course:


1. The local National Society of Neurosurgery must be a regular member of the WFNS and be involved in the local organization of the Course. In countries where there is no National Society of Neurosurgery, the neurosurgeons organizing the Course should be members of a Regional Society, e.g. ANSA.

2. The National Society of Neurosurgery proposing to hold a course must request approval, in writing, from the Chairmen of the Education and Training Committee at, and

3. The Chairman of the Committee is responsible for preparing the scientific content of the programme and inviting the faculty. Six to ten neurosurgeons from outside the country & two to four neurosurgeons from the same country must be invited to the course every year.


4. Local organizers are supposed to bear all the expenses of the invited faculty member, which includes local travel, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenditures of the course in the city. The to and from travel expenditure to the visiting country shall be borne by the invited faculty member himself.


5. Lecturers are supposed to afford their own plane tickets.


6. The official language of the WFNS is English, so the lectures should be given in this language. In non-English speaking countries, a good translator is mandatory. Local organizers should provide an appropriate venue, including an auditorium.  In order to obtain an ideal environment for the presentation, necessary infrastructure like screen, projector, audio-visuals, timer, room-lighting, window screens and professional IT assistance should be provided.


7. Local organizers are responsible for the publicity of the Course in the country or region where the Course is being held. Registration fees must be as low as possible. Having sponsors from medical companies, local governments and so forth should help in covering the additional expenditures.