The WFNS is governed by an Executive Committee (EC) consisting of two Delegates from each Member Society and an Administrative Council composed of the Officers of the Federation, who are elected every four years. The EC meets every two years and is guided by the Administrative Council which meets at least annually.

The WFNS is composed of member societies, the WFNS Officers, the WFNS Executive Committee, the WFNS Administrative Council, the WFNS Committees, and the WFNS Central Office.

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The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) comprises of 127 member societies in all, consisting of 5 Continental Associations, 115 National Neurosurgical Societies and 7 Affiliate Societies. Each Full Member society is represented by a Senior and Second Delegate (both voting).Alternate Delegates (non-voting) represent the society in the absence of the Senior and/or Second Delegate. Affiliate societies are represented by one or two Observers (non-voting). Click here to learn about our 127 member societies.

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WFNS Officers:

Officers of the WFNS include a President, a Past President or President-Elect, a First Vice-President, 7 Second Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, an Assistant-Secretary, a Treasurer, an Assistant-Treasurer, and a Historian.

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WFNS Executive Committee:

The WFNS Executive Committee is the governing body of the Federation and of a Congress. The Executive Committee is composed of all Delegates, Observers, Officers of the WFNS, as well as the President and Treasurer of a World Congress. The Executive Committee meets during the World Congress and during the Interim Meeting of the WFNS to conduct its business.

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WFNS Administrative Council:

The WFNS Administrative Council is composed of the following officers: the President of the Federation, the Past President of the Federation, the First Vice-President of the Federation, the Secretary of the Federation, the Assistant-Secretary of the Federation, the Treasurer of the Federation, the Assistant-Treasurer of the Federation, the President of the Congress, and the Immediate Past-President of the Federation or the President-Elect (once elected). The Administrative Council meets at least annually and acts for the Federation and its Executive Committee in all matters during the interim between meetings of the Executive Committee.

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WFNS Committees:

The WFNS Committees fall in to two groups: Standing Committees and Ad-hoc Committees.

The President, First Vice-President, Secretary, President-elect (only when in office) and Coordinator of Committee Activities of the Federation are ex-officio members of all Committees with the exception of the Audit and Nominating Committees.

Standing Committees include: Audit, Constitution and Bylaws, Finance, Local Arrangements for the Congress, Membership, Nominating, Programme, and Publication and Web.

Chairpersons of Standing Committees may serve a maximum of 2 full terms, i.e. 8 years. No member may chair more than 1 Committee.

Standing and Ad-hoc Committees and Chairpersons are appointed by the President. The term of a Committee is the same as the term of the President but the new President may re-appoint the same Committees and Chairmen if he wishes.

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WFNS Central Office:

The activities of the WFNS are conducted and coordinated by the WFNS Central Office managed by our Office Manager, Mrs. Hsiao-Hui (Teresa) Chen and her staff.

The WFNS Central Office was first established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1992, where it was temporarily housed in the WHO Headquarters. In 2001, the Central Office was set-up as an independent office in Nyon, Switzerland – approximately 15 minutes away from Geneva and its airport.

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