Neurosurgical Anatomy Committee


To promote the neurosurgical anatomy among the young neurosurgeons worldwide with special emphasis on less priviledged countries. To support the studies in neurosurgical anatomy in specialised laboratories and institutions by giving advice and supportive hand  to those both, individuals and groups.  To organise two neuroanatomical symposia per annum, mostly in unprioviledged areas. To enhance the information exchange between those involved in anatomy research. To organise and establish fellowships at recognised institutions for young neurosurgeons.

Action plan 2014:

  • WFNS Neurosurgical Anatomy Course as precongress event at EANS 2014 Congress. Chair: Juan Fernandez-Miranda, 1 day. Oct 12th, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • WFNS Neurovascular Anatomy Course at ICCVS 2014 Congress. Chair: Vladim√≠r BeneŇ°, 1 day. Dec 11th, Djakarta, Indonesia.
  • Business meeting both in Prague and Djakarta. Search for new members of the committee and planning the activities.
  • Plan for 2015-2017 TBD during 2014.