Nominating Committee

Composed of 10 members. 9 new members nominated by EC at its 2nd meeting and then elected by EC at its final meeting during Congress. None can be re-elected. The 10th member is the former Chairperson who cannot be re-elected as Chairperson. Nominating Committee elects its own Chair and Vice-chairperson out of the 9 members nominated by EC.

Alexander V. CIUREA, Committee Chairman
Neurosurgical Clinic 1, Dr Bagdasar Arseni Hosp.
10-12  Berceni Ave.
Bucharest IV, 75622

Tel: +40-401-3343026 Fax:+40-401-3347350


Members: Helmut Bertalanffy (EANS); Adel H. El-Hakim (PAANS), A.Graham Fieggen (PAANS);  David Adelson (AANS), Mark Proctor (AANS);  Evandro de Oliveira (FLANC), Juan Carlos Oviedo (FLANC); Akira Ogawa (AASNS), Jizong Zhao (AASNS).