Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Director is Chairperson of the Committee.

Chun-Kun PARK, Scientific Programme Director & Committee Chairman

Kangnam St. Mary's Hospital

The Catholic University of Korea

College of Medicine 505 Banpo-dong,

Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-701, Korea.

Tel: +82-2-590-1343, Fax: +82-2-594-4248


Vice-Chairman:  Suck Jun OH

Ex-officio members:

President of the Congress - Hee-Won JUNG
Secretary of the Congress – Kyu Sung LEE

Assistant-Secretary of the Congress – Jung Yul PARK

Editor of Federation and Congress Publications - Yücel KANPOLAT  

First Vice-President of the Federation – Takeshi KAWASE

Vice-President of the Congress – Suck Jun OH

Chairman Cerebrovascular Diseases and Therapy Committee – Hirotoshi SANO

Chairman, Hydrocephalus Committee –  John D. PICKARD

Chairman, Military Neurosurgery Committee –  Khalaf Al MOUTAERY

Chairman, Neuro-endocrine Committee -  Akira TERAMOTO

Chairman, Neuromodulation Committee – Damianos SAKAS

Chairman, Neuro-oncology Committee – Manfred WESTPHAL

Chairman, Neurorehabilitation & Reconstructive Neurosurgery Committee – Jin Woo CHANG

Chairman, Neurotraumatology Committee – Alexander POTAPOV

Chairman, Neuroendoscopy Committee – Paolo CAPPABIANCA 

Chairman, Neurosurgical Technology Committee -  Amir SAMII

Chairman, Pediatric Neurosurgery Committee – Tai Ton WONG

Chairman, Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee – Mario SEQUEIRA
Chairman, Radiosurgery Committee – Mark LEVIVIER
Chairman, Skull Base Surgery Committee – Necmettin PAMIR

Chairman, Spine Surgery Committee – Preman RAMANI

Chairman, Stereotactic & Functional Neurosurgery Committee – Takaomi TAIRA

All 7 Second Vice-Presidents: Johannes SCHRAMM (EANS), Alexander POTAPOV (at large), Leonidas M. QUINTANA (FLANC), Yong-Kwang TU (AASNS), Gail ROSSEAU (AANS), Kazadi KALANGU  (PAANS), Ibrahim SBEIH (at large)

Coordinator of Committee Activities – Yves KERAVEL