Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Director is Chairperson of the Committee.

İhsan SOLAROGLU (Turkey), Scientific Programme Director & Committee Chairman

Professor of Neurosurgery,
Associate in Management of Health Institutions,
Koç University, School of Medicine,
Department of Neurosurgery,
Rumelifeneri Yolu, 34450 Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 212 338 1070
GSM : +90 505 565 72 38
E-mail :

Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine,
Loma Linda University, CA, USA


Ex-officio members:

President of the Congress - Uğur TURE
Secretary of the Congress – Yusuf IZCI

Assistant-Secretary of the Congress – Başar ATALAY

First Vice-President of the Federation – Hildo AZEVEDO-FILHO

Vice-President of the Congress – Mehmet ZILELI

Chairman Cerebrovascular Diseases and Therapy Committee – Jacques MORCOS (USA)

Chairman, Accreditation Committee – Maurice CHOUX (France)

Chairmen, Education and Training Committee – Concezio di ROCCO (Italy), Helmut BERTALANFFY (Germany)

Chairman, Ethics & Medico-legal Committee – Tiit MATHIESEN (Sweden)

Chairman, Fund Raising Committee – Yoko KATO (Japan)

Chairman, Honorary Presidents Committee – Roberto HEROS (USA)

Chairman, Medal of Honor Committee – Takeshi KAWASE (Japan)

Chairman, Military Committee – Uwe Max MAUER (Germany)

Chairman, Neuroendocrine Committee – Engelbert KNOSP (Austria)

Chairman, Neuroendoscopy Committee – Henry SCHROEDER (Germany)

Chairman, Neuromodulation Committee – Ali REZAI (USA)

Chairman, Neuro-oncology Committee – Gelareh ZADEH (Canada)

Chairman, Neurorehab & Reconstruction Committee – Wai Poon (China, Hong Kong)

Chairman, Neurosurgical Anatomy Committee – Vladimir BENES (Czech Republic)

Chairman, Neurosurgical Technology Committee – Kaoru KURISU (Japan)

Chairman, Neurotraumatology Committee – Andrew MAAS (Belgium)

Chairman, Pediatric Neurosurgery Committee – Graham FIEGGEN (South Africa)

Chairman, Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee – Mariano SCOLOVSKY (Argentina)

Chairman, Radiosurgery Committee – Vedantam RAJSHEKHAR (India)

Chairman, Skull Base Surgery Committee – Kyu SUNG LEE (Korea)

Chairman, Spine Committee – Enrique OSORIO-FONSECA (Columbia)

Chairman, Stereotactic & Functional Committee – Marc SINDOU (France)

Chairman, International Initiatives Committe – Robert DEMPSEY (USA)

Chairman, Scoville Award Committee – Nelson OYESIKU (USA)

Chairman, Young Neurosurgeons Award Committee – Joao Paulo FARIAS (Portugal)

Chairman, Young Neurosurgeons Forum Committee – Naren GANESALINGAM (UK)

Chairman, Women in Neurosurgery Committee – Najia ABBADI (Morocco)

All 7 Second Vice-Presidents – Eugeny Pedachenko  (at large), Sherif Ezzat  (at large), Francesco Tomasello (EANS), Marco Molina (FLANC), Akira Teramoto (AASNS), Jacques Morcos (AANS), Abdessamed El Ouahabi (CAANS)

Coordinator of Committee Activities – Miguel ARRAEZ (Spain)