Training & Fellowship

Post-graduate neurosurgical education is another of the Foundation’s main areas of work where we offer an international network of Training Centers. So as not to duplicate efforts, we work together with similar American, European and Japanese organizations for the development of joint educational programs. Below you can find a list of Post-Graduate Training Centers that are part of the WFNS Foundation Programme, as well as information on how to join the programme as a fellow or training center.

Criteria for the Selection of Applicants to Fellowship Programs of the WFNS Foundation

WFNS Guidelines for the Certification of Post-Graduate Training Centers

WFNS-Aesculap Neurosurgery Fellowship

WFNS-Aesculap Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship in Tübingen, Germany

WFNS-Aesculap Adult Neurosurgery Fellowship in Tübingen, Germany

WFNS Foundation Programme: Post-Graduate Training Centers

International Reference Center (INI) Hannover

Rabat Reference Center for Training Young African Neurosurgeons

Recife Reference Center for Training Young African Neurosurgeons (Portuguese speaking)

NYU, New York University Post-Graduate Training Program

Carlos Haya University Hospital Post-GraduateTraining Center (Malaga, Spain)

Riyadh Military Hospital’s Post-Graduate Training Center

Beijing Post-Graduate Training Center

Fujita Health University Post-Graduate Training Center

Miami Post Graduate Training Center

Neurological Institute of Curitiba, Brazil - INC, WFNS Reference Center

Keio University offers International Fellowship in Neurosurgery

National Neuroscience Institute Post Graduate Training Center

Ibn AIHahtyam Hospital Post Graduate Training Center (Amman, Jordan)