WFNS Coordinating Committee for International Initiatives

Robert DEMPSEY (USA), Committee Chairman
Department of Neurological Surgery
600 Highland Ave., K4/866
Madison, WI  53792
608-265-5967  Office phone
608-263-1728  Office fax      
E-mail address:

Vice-Chairperson: Yoko Kato (Japan)

Members: Mojgan Hodaie (Canada), Richard Perrin (Canada), Ling Feng (China), Scott Robertson (USA), Kee Park (USA), K Mori (USA), Anil Nanda (USA), Gail Rosseau (USA), David Adelson (USA), Merwyn Bagan (USA)

Ex-officio members:  President, Secretary & 1st Vice-President of the Federation, Coordinator of Committee Activities.