WFNS Executive Committee

Chairman of the Executive Committee:

Peter BLACK, President of WFNS
Harvard Medical School - USA

Tel:  +1 617-259-6120 /Fax:  +1 617-523-4008 

Mobile: +1 617-966-4362

Email: cc to





Appointed by the President of the Federation and can only vote if already a member of the Executive Committee or an Honorary President of the Federation


David THOMAS, Honorary President of WFNS

The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Box 32, Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG, England

Tel: +44 (-20) -78298750, Fax: +44 2072787894



WFNS Administrative Council:   Peter M. Black (President), Yong-Kwang Tu (President-Elect), Takeshi Kawase (First Vice-President), Hildo Azevedo-Filho (Secretary), Basant K. Misra (Assistant-Secretary), Miguel A. Arraez (Treasurer), Christopher M. Loftus (Assistant-Treasurer), Hee-Won Jung (President of the XV Congress)

WFNS Second Vice-Presidents:  Alexander Potapov (at large), Ibrahim Sbeih (at large), Johannes Schramm (EANS), Leonidas M. Quintana (FLANC), Yong-Kwang Tu (AASNS), Gail Rosseau (AANS), Kazadi K.N.Kalangu (PAANS),

Historian:  Armando Basso

WFNS Honorary Presidents:  Adelola Adeloye, Armando Basso, J. Brotchi, Maurice Choux, Noel G. Dan, Jacques C. de Villiers, Atos A. de Souza, Sayed El Gindi, Alan Hudson, Roberto Heros, Shozo Ishii, Tetsuo Kanno, A. El Khamlichi, Shigeaki Kobayashi, Edward R. Laws, Alexander Konovalov, Guy Lazorthes, Friedrich Loew, Mauro Loyo-Varela, José-Gérardo Martin-Rodriguez, Jorge Mendez, Sean Mullan, Russel Patterson, Fernando Rueda-Franco, Mahadeeva Sambivasan, Madjid Samii, Lindsay Symon, Kintomo Takakura, H.A.D. Walder.

Editor of Federation and Congress Publications:  Yücel Kanpolat (no vote)

*Officers of the WFNS Congress:  Hee Won Jung, (President), Dae Hee Han (Honorary Vice-President),
Suck Jun Oh (Vice-President), Man Bin Yim (2nd Vice-President), Kyu Sung Lee (Secretary), Jung Yul Park (Assistant-Secretary), In Suk Hamm (Treasurer), Yong Gu Chung (Assistant-Treasurer), Chun-Kun Park (Scientific Programme Director, i.e. Chairman of the Programme Committee), plus **Honorary Vice-Presidents of the Congress

Two delegates from each Constituent Society and each Continental Organization:   (Paying Continental Organizations have the right to 4 delegates/4 votes)

Observers from each affiliate society:  (no vote)

*N.B. they are ex-officio unless a nominated delegate.  An amendment of the Bylaws passed in Marrakech states that only the President and Treasurer of the Congress can vote but not the Officers of the Congress.

** One from each member society of WFNS who is usually the delegate with the longest term of service on the Executive Committee, the name of whom should be declared in writing to the Secretary of the Federation by each Society.  An Honorary Vice-President can only vote if he is also a Senior or Second Delegate of a member society.