Who We Are


Our Mission Statement: The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) aspires to promote global improvement in neurosurgical care. The mission of the WFNS is to work together with our member societies to improve worldwide neurosurgical care, training and research to benefit our patients.




Founded in 1955, the WFNS is a professional, scientific, non-governmental organization comprising of 130 member societies, consisting of 5 Continental Associations, 119 National Neurosurgical Societies and 6 Affiliate Societies, representing over 30,000 neurosurgeons worldwide.

The goals of the WFNS are deliberated and pursued through scientific, standing and ad hoc committees and during the International Congress of Neurological Surgery which takes place every four years. The WFNS has official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) and acts as a consulting body through the WHO Working Group on Neurosurgery and the WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee.

Learn more about WFNS by reading a review on the history of WFNS (1955-2000) by the late and former WFNS Historian, Dr H. Alphons D. Walder.

Story Behind Our Logo

The WFNS logo was selected as the winning entry in a contest to create a logo for the organization in the late 1980's. It was the cumulative effort of Steve Harrison, Mark Schornak and Justin Detwiler. The design was presented by Robert Spetzler, MD to the WFNS Executive Committee and received the most votes from among several entries. A cash prize of $1000 was awarded for the winning design, which was shared with the design team of Mario Brock, MD in Berlin, by previous agreement.


  • facilitates the personal association of neurological surgeons throughout the world
  • aides in the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and ideas in the field of neurological surgery
  • encourages research in neurological surgery and allied sciences
  • holds periodic World Congresses
  • conducts educational courses
  • makes available Basic Sets of Neurosurgical Instruments, Bipolar Coagulation Sets and Neurosurgical Microscopes at a reduced price through WFNS for distribution to the Developing World
  • provides neurosurgical training at designated WFNS Reference Training Centres
  • maintains a Foundation to promote and facilitate the activities of the WFNS