Women in Neurosurgery

Reports from various neurosurgeons encouraging women in neurosurgery:

  1. Kazadi Kalangu - Balanced Gender and Optimal Neurosurgery (2008)
  2. James T. Rutka - Future of WIN WFNS (2007)
  3. Shu-yuan Yang (2005)
  4. Madjid Samii - To the Efforts of Women in Neurosurgery (2005)
  5. Charles Teo - The Road Worth Travelling (2004)
  6. Volker Seifert - The Position of Female Neurosurgeons in Germany (2004)
  7. Ed Cooper - Rising Sun Rising Daughter (2003)
  8. Edward R. Laws - Message in his capacity as President of WFNS (2003)
  9. Gail Rosseau (2002)
  10. Dr. Robert Spetzler - Progress of women in neurosurgery

A short massage from the new Chair of WIN           
Prof. Ling Feng           
Chair of Neurosurgical department            
Xuanwu Hospital            
Capital Medical University   Beijing    China

To young women neurosurgeons In ICCVS2009, I met a few of women neurosurgeons in Nagoya. As the new chair of WIN, I am very glad to notice that a lot of them are young women neurosurgeons. They are passionate and exhilarated. Just like them, our WIN is a young organization. We not only need new badge, new schedule of meeting and so on, but also need every women neurosurgeons especially young women neurosurgeons in the world to join us and strive for our common dream. Perhaps we would have some difficulties and meet some problems. However, we will try our best to turn our dream into reality. Our WIN just like a young girl, I hope that we could help her to grow up step by step.


Dear Colleagues and sister neurosurgeons in Japan,

It gives me a great pleasure to congratulate you on your outstanding achievements not only in developing neurosurgery in Japan but also in advancing women’s empowerment in a career traditionally regarded as dominated by men. The credit goes to Prof. Yoko Kato, the former Chair of WIN and an excellent model female neurosurgeon for her country female folks as well as an encouragement for women in the world. She, through her hard work and diligent research, demonstrated to all her women colleagues in the world that women can achieve what men do in a most delicate profession. It was very impressive to notice at the ICCVS2009, Nagoya, Japan that a growing number of passionate and enthusiastic young women neurosurgeons attending and contributing to the conference. I am pleased that more female talents are growing up in Japan to carry on the torch of neurosurgery.

“Women hold half of the sky”. We in neurosurgery cherish the dream of being the guardians of human health in partnership with men. Yet, due to various factors, we encounter more difficulties in pursuit of neurosurgery and the No. 1 obstacle is having confidence in yourself. Don’t give up and don’t lose heart, my dear sisters, persistence and innovation will bring you to success. As newly elected Chair of WIN, I will do all I can with the Executive Committee of WFNS to facilitate the enhancement of women neurosurgeons and training of more young women neurosurgeons. We welcome every female neurosurgeon in the world to come on board with us to strive for our common dream. I look forward to more support and cooperation from my fellow neurosurgeons in Japan and the world to do a better service to you all.  

Message to the Women’s Neurosurgical Association of Japan

When Dr. Yoko Kato asked me to address a message to the Women’s Neurosurgical Association of Japan, I felt deeply honoured and I immediately accepted for many reasons but mostly because of the huge appreciation we have, in the WFNS, on Dr. Kato’s tremendous work.For a woman, embracing neurosurgery is a real challenge but a very exciting one. During the training time, private life is indeed more difficult for women than for men, but when graduated, they are gratified by doing the job they love in a very competitive manner with men. I personally know several women neurosurgeons that also have succeeded with private life, family and children. In my department, I have trained several women in neurosurgery which do a very successful career. Therefore, I encourage young female doctors attracted by neurosurgery to embrace the career without any hesitation. I wish long success to the Women’s neurosurgical Association of Japan.

Jacques Brotchi, MD, PhD,
President of WFNS