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2016 Neurosurgical Capacity and Access by Country

The Neurosurgical Capacity and Access mapping project is an initiative designed to better pinpoint the areas around the world in most need of neurosurgical support. Using Redivis software (Redivis Inc.), data points were collected to calculate the percentage of population that has access to neurosurgery within a two-hour travel time to a city offering different levels of neurosurgical care.

To interact with the map, apply filters in the drop down menu. WFNS facility levels are based on the level of care provided. 

WFNS Facility Levels 

Level 0 facilities: no neurosurgical services
Level 1 facilities: macro-neurosurgery (mainly trauma)
Level 2 facilities: basic micro-neurosurgery
Level 3 facilities: advanced micro-neurosurgery

Below, you can explore the neurosurgical capacity and access in various developing countries by continent.


Note: We welcome any information that could improve the completeness and accuracy of our database. Please contact us at




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