Message from the Editor

Dear Colleagues 

With the upcoming Istanbul WFNS 2017 Congress in August, it is appropriate that this issue of the Newsletter focus on neurosurgical education and training.  The first article is a letter from Prof Uğur Türe, President of the WFNS 2017 Congress, updating the plans for this premier conference for neurosurgeons worldwide.

The second article, by Prof Hildo Azevedo, describes one of the WFNS training centres – the one in Recife, Brazil.  The role of these training centres for bringing neurosurgery to the many underserved regions of the world cannot be overestimated.  The WFNS must continue to expand programs such as Prof Azevedo’s to realize the goal of adequate neurosurgical care for those in the many underserved regions worldwide.

The third article, by Prof Andre Grotenhuis, presents the efforts over decades of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) to standardize and optimize neurosurgical training and certification throughout the European Union.  The groundwork laid by the EANS on neurosurgical education across national borders can serve as a guide for effective training and certification worldwide.

The fourth article, by Prof Gail Rosseau, acknowledges four pioneer female neurosurgeons who have made remarkable contributions to world neurosurgery in general and to female neurosurgeons in particular.  One responsibility of the WFNS is to provide equal opportunity for all neurosurgeons – regardless of national background, social factors, or gender.

The fifth article, by Prof Tetsuo Kanno, presents his lifelong experience dedicated to the training of young neurosurgeons from Asia and beyond.  It is likely that Prof Kanno has done more than any other neurosurgeon to champion the education of neurosurgeons from the developing world.

I trust this issue of the Newsletter, with contributions from neurosurgeons skilled in the art as well as the science of neurosurgery, will encourage all of us to strive for improvements in neurosurgical education and training worldwide.  One way of accomplishing this is for as many neurosurgeons as possible to participate in the upcoming Istanbul WFNS 2017 Congress.  It will be a great personal pleasure to meet colleagues and friends old and new in Istanbul!


See you in Istanbul!

Russell Andrews


August 2022