WFNS Recife Training Center

Professor Azevedo-Filho and WFNS trainees in the Recife Reference Training Center in 2017


The Recife WFNS Reference Training Center was officially established, thanks to the support and trust of Professors Brotchi, Basso, Samii and others during the 13th WFNS Interim Meeting in Nagoya, November, 2007. It is located at the Department of Neurological Surgery of the Hospital da Restauração (affiliated with the University of Pernambuco), Recife, Brazil. We have approximately 200 neurosurgical beds and in 2016 we performed 3102 operations, not including endovascular procedures and minor procedures carried out in our outpatient department.

The Recife Training Center was primarily designed to train Portuguese-speaking African future neurosurgeons and also Spanish speaking young doctors coming from less privileged countries in Latin America. However,  we have recently  accepted trainees from some West African countries, provided they show proficiency in Portuguese language which is the language spoken in Brazil, and also produce the appropriate certificate issued by a Brazilian Embassy authority. Apart from the Brazilian residents (4 per year), we are now taking two new foreign WFNS trainees per year. 

Our programme takes five years and starts on 01st March, The first trainee was Dr. Carlos Dabdoub from Bolivia (2008-2013), followed by Dr. Byron Salazar from Ecuador (2009-2014). In 2016 Drs. Corca Djaló from Guiné-Bissau and Dr. Ruy Gil Rohmoser from Guatemala completed the program.

Presently we have the following traineess: Dr. Esmael Fernades (R5) from Cabo Verde, Dr. Ana Cristina Veiga Silva from Cabo Verde (R4), Jesuino Albino from Guiné-Bissau (R4), Dr. Alex Baldomar from Bolivia (R3), Dr. Benjamin S Kahosi from the Democratic Republic of Congo (R3), Dr. Nelson Culembe Baptista André from Angola (R2), Dr. Jeremias Fernando Gomes from Guiné-Bissau (R2), Dr. Nandinho Luiz Gomes from Guiné-Bissau (R1) and Dr. Isabella Opoku from the Republic of Ghana (R1).

Applications to our programme must be sent to Professor Hildo Azevedo-Filho, whose address is stated below, accompanied by his-her CV, copy of the medical diploma (translated to Portuguese by an accredited authority for those not being Portuguese speaking) and two passport type photos.

I am deeply indebted to the authorities of the Government of the State of Pernambuco who allowed us to receive the foreign doctors for training and also agreed to pay the same scholarship we pay to our residents (around USD 1,200.00 per month). Therefore, the WFNS Foundation does not face any expenditure with its trainees in Recife.

Finally, I have not enough words to express my deepest gratitude to all WFNS and WFNS Foundation leadership who believed in our work and in the teaching capacity of our institution.  The WFNS has continuously supported the Recife Training Center.

Hildo Azevedo-Filho MD, PhD, MSc, FRCS (SN), FAANS

WFNS First Vice-President

WFNS Past Secretary & 2011 WFNS Interim Meeting Chair

Professor and Chairman of Neurological Surgery

Hospital da Restauração University of Pernambuco Rua Senador José Henrique 53 – Ilha do Leite

Recife 50070-460 Brazil

Phone(office) – 55-81-32221354

Phone(home) - 55-81-32681126

Fax – 55-81-32212899

Mobile Phone – 55-81-999719584

August 2022