Letter regarding Coronavirus

11 February 2020

Milano, Italy and Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear all Committee Chairs,

We have received a significant amount of communications for direction given the worldwide concern re: Coronavirus. Because of the Coronavirus threat, we feel that we should not organize worldwide meetings until at least May 15. As you may or may not know, at a recent medical meeting (not in our field) resulted in 20 people who were contaminated. At the moment, we are not sure about the dispersion of the disease during the asymptomatic phase of the virus and we also know that in many countries of the world the diagnosis is difficult if not impossible. In addition, we need to support our colleagues, the Chinese Neurosurgeons and the Chinese Medical Association showing solidarity to our colleagues who are fighting the spread of the disease at high personal risks. Obviously, the major annual and biannual meetings that have been previously scheduled for long term will not easily or likely be canceled. Smaller meetings, though - educational conferences or symposia that are presently being organized - should be either reconsidered until this medical situation is alleviated or performed using electronic forms such as web platforms.
Thank you for your cooperation and solidarity with our Chinese neurosurgical colleagues.

With our best and personal wishes,

Franco Servadei, WFNS President

David Adelson, WFNS Committees Chair

August 2022