WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee Report

WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee Bi-Monthly

December 3, 2019
Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda
Chairman: Gail Rosseau


  1. Call to Order: Dr. Rosseau welcomed the group, which was assembled on the occasion of the COSECSA Oral Board Examinations and Annual Meeting in Kampala, Uganda. Prior minutes of Sept. 9, 2019 in Beijing were previously posted on and made available to the group; no objections having been raised, the minutes were approved.

    Background information was provided on Dr. Jim Kim, former President of the World Bank, and author of the World Bank Challenge, which resulted in the 2015 Lancet Commission Report on Global Surgery. Dr. Kim had prepared a video for WFNS Beijing 2019, encouraging neurosurgeons to participate in advocacy or Global Surgery.
  2. WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee Publications and Presentations: Dr. Rosseau presented the recent presentations and publications on Global Neurosurgery of the committee and its members, including the WHA72 summary, Consensus Conference on Decompressive Craniectomy, Global Incidence of Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors, Global Perspectives on TaskShifting and Task Sharing in Neurosurgery, and upcoming EANS Plenary Session, EANS e-poster on Global Neurosurgical Practice, and Current Status of Neurosurgery in Somaliland. She announced that the report on WHA 2019 has been accepted by Journal of Neurosurgery.
  3. TBI:Cambridge University Group: A brief update on Global Neurosurgery Outcomes Study(GNOS) presented on behalf of Drs. Hutchinson/Kolias. Recruitment was encouraged among all the participating neurosurgeons of Cosecsa, and multiple individuals walked through the process together so that LMIC neurosurgeons can promptly participate. Dr. Kolias confirmed that recruitment will likely continue through the end of 2019.
  4. Update on WHO TBI Collaborative Center: Brief update was provided on the work being done by Roxanna Garcia, who is doing Fogarty Fellowship in Global Surgery in Peru with former MoH Patty Garcia. Clinical work planned with Andres Rubiano. In Africa, Becca Reynolds, senior neurosurgery resident from Vanderbilt, is doing a Fogarty Fellowship in Zambia.
  5. InterSurgeon: Participation cards/flyers were distributed at this COSECSA meeting, including to all Neurosurgery Board Examiners. InterSurgeon has >300 subscribers to date; the champion for adult neurosurgery is Gail Rosseau; G4 Alliance has made a major donation and capability is being developed to add new surgical subspecialties and other programs. The platform for NGOs requested by the G4 Alliance has been completed and rolled out.
  6. WHA Meeting in Geneva May 15-20, 2020: Gail Rosseau reported a WFNSEANS Global Neurosurgical Practice course will be held on Friday, May 15 at SFITS at University of Geneva.
  7. Upcoming sessions on Global Neurosurgery: Gail Rosseau reported that Global Neurosurgery sessions were highly successful at EANS, Dublin, organized by William Harkness and moderated by BBC Reporter Katya Adler. The theme of the AANS meeting in April, 2020 is “World of Neurosurgery.” A report was given summarizing the G4 Alliance Permanent Council meeting Nov 1921, 2019 in Manila. The COSECSA 2020 meeting will be held in Lusaka, Zambia.
  8. Report on ICRAN Meeting, Peshawar, Pakistan: November 13-16, 2019: The consensus recommendations for comprehensive care of neurosurgical injuries were presented, in the presence of the Pakistan Minister of Health. ThinkFirst Pakistan hosted a public injury prevention conference, with >300 person in attendance, including provincial and health officials and the public. The event received significant media coverage, including Khyber-TV (see ). The ThinkFirst Chapter of Peshawar and Dr. Tariq Khan were given the International Chapter of the Year Award. Dr. Khan is a member of our WFNS-WHo Liaison Committee, and of the WFNS Committee on Neurotrauma-ThinkFirst Task Force.
  9. Folate Fortification: This work is being developed by members of the Committee and the G4 Alliance Committee on WHO Resolutions. Participants include Roxanna Garcia, Becca Reynolds, Laura Lippa, Benjamin Many and Gail Rosseau. Jeff Blount, Vijaya Kancherla and Godfrey Oakley are closely involved in the work of this committee, as are Abenezer Tirsit and Dr. Bikru.
  10. Additional WHO Outreach: Contact has been made with Etienne Krug, Belgian physician and epidemiologist, who is Director of the Department for Management of Noncommunicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention (NVI) at the World Health Organization (WHO). Further collaborative work in injury prevention is anticipated.
  11. World Bank Outreach: A meeting was held in Washington, D. C. at World Bank Headquarters with a number of health officials, including Mohammed Ali Pate, Global Director for Health, Nutrition and Population. Further collaboration re: NSOAPs, particularly with the Harvard PGSSC, and additional avenues for combined efforts were explored.
  12. COSECSA EXAMINERS: It was observed by the Chairman, Gail Rosseau, that the COSECSA Board Examiners were leaders in Neurosurgery in sub-Saharan Africa and should be involved in Global Neurosurgery initiatives on the continent. Laston Chicoya of Lusaka, Zambia is the Chairman of the Board Examiners Group. Members provided input on the strategic Plan of the newly created Global Neurosurgery Committee, which was transmitted to the WFNS and Committee leadership. This group will be included in communications from the WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee. All were invited to AANS, Boston 2020, where the theme is “World of Neurosurgery” and to WHA in Geneva.
  13. Future meeting: The next meeting will take place in Geneva Feb 3, 2010, at the WHO meeting for Non-State Actors.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Rosseau, MD
Chair, WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee


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