Editors’ Cover Letter

Dear Colleagues –

The first item in the June WFNS Newsletter is the 12 May 2020 letter from the President and the Chair of Committee Activities, Franco Servadei and P. David Adelson respectively.

With this issue of the Newsletter, we introduce a section “Global Neurosurgery”. This month’s section focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic; President Servadei’s report leads off the section. The next report is by Walter Johnson on the World Health Organization (WHO), followed by reports from a number of countries beginning east and moving west geographically, China to USA. The section concludes with a report from aspiring Neurosurgeons on COVID-19 worldwide.

The next items are reports of May virtual meetings and webinars from the Spine and Neuroanatomy Committees, as well as the Virtual Complications Avoidance Platform.

All WFNS-sponsored physical conferences and courses have been suspended through July 31, with a decision to be made before that date regarding meetings through the remainder of 2020. Many meetings from August through December 2020 have already been postponed or cancelled. Those that are still tentatively scheduled to take place as physical meetings include the following, with announcements provided:

- 20-10-18 to 22 EANS Belgrade
- 20-10-27 to 30 Mediterranean Association of Neurological Surgeons Cairo
- 20-11-5 to 8 International Symposium Karachi
- 20-11-27 to 29 Serbian Neurosurgical Society Belgrade

Please forward your thoughts on how the Newsletter can better support neurosurgeons worldwide. We need to work together now more than ever before!

Amro Al-Habib
Russell Andrews
Hira Burhan
Roxanna Garcia
Angelos Kolias
Laura Lippa
Mohammad Raji Mahmud

August 2022