COVID-19 Iran

A Brief Report of Neurosurgical Procedures Performed on Confirmed COVID -19 Cases in a Tertiary Referral Center

Abdolreza Sheikhrezaei, M.D.; Nazi Derakhshanrad, M.D., PhD; Nima Ostadrahimi, M.D.; Soheil Naderi, M.D.; Zahid Hussain Khan, M.D.; Rastegar Rahmani Tanha, M.D.; and. Hooshang Saberi, M.D., PhD

We are very pleased to write these sentences about the collaboration between COVID-19 workers and neurosurgery discipline in our center in Tehran. In our neurosurgery ward, all the elective surgical procedures with a risk or evidence of COVID-19 involvements were postponed until abatement of the acute disease. Also during the disease outbreak period; emergency cases underwent treatment as usual with classic radiological and RT-PCR screening test for COVID-19 in all cases. During the last 3 months eleven out of 262 cases undergoing neurosurgical procedures were found confirmed for COVID-19 according to para-clinical and radiological criteria. In the following table you may find the summary of the confirmed Covid-19 cases undergoing neurosurgical procedures. They all underwent ICU admission, respiratory support and anti- coronavirus treatments. The alive cases are undergoing outpatient follow-up and their families are being screened for COVID-19.

Table 1. Summary of the confirmed COVID-19 cases undergoing neurosurgical procedures.

  Sex Age Diagnosis Surgical procedure Disease progress
1 Female 63 Olfactory meningioma Bifrontal craniotomy + Tumor resection dead
2 Male 42 B-cell Lymphoma (Left uncus) Craniotomy + Biopsy alive
3 Male 45 Glioma (Left thalamus +Atrium) Left parietal craniotomy + Tumor resection alive
4 Male 50 Brain metastasis from bladder cancer (Left parietal ) Craniotomy + Tumor resection alive
5 Female 43 Schwannoma (Right side CP angle tumor) +Hydrocephaly Craniotomy+ Tumor resection + EVD +VP Shunt due to Hydrocephaly (after 1 week) alive
6 Male 34 Thoracic spine (T7-T8 ) metastasis from lung cancer Tumor resection + Fixation alive
7 Male 74 NPH VP Shunt alive
8 Female 40 AVF+ Hydrocephaly EVD+ VP Shunt due to Hydrocephaly (after 1 week) alive
9 Male 75 Acute on chronic subdural hematoma Craniotomy and hematoma evacuation alive
10 Male 60 T8-T9 Epidural abscess T8-T9 Laminectomy+ Discectomy+ Fixation alive
11 Female 43 CCS+OPLL C5-C6 discectomy+ C6 Corpectomy+ C6-C7 arthrodesis+ Fixation alive

Case 1, was an olfactory meningioma with and uneventful surgery with late postoperative CSF rhinorrhea traveling to red zone with subsequent pulmonary sequel.

August 2022