Proposed Amendments to the WFNS Constitution and Bylaws

Proposed Amendment 1: 

  • All officers will serve a two (2) year term. (Current C&B: Officers serve four (4) year terms), it follows that the Interim Meeting will henceforth be called a World Congress.

Interpretation: From now on, all officers elected will have 2 year term and all meetings will be World Congress every 2 years.
Voting: Approved

Proposed Amendment 2: 

  • The Nominating Committee also has the option to meet online/through video in addition to meeting in conclave, should the members so desire.                                   

 Voting: Approved

Proposed Amendment 3: 

  • The Nominating committee shall ensure that all nominees for all the officers of the Federation and, except where otherwise provided, members of the Standing Committees for the period beginning after the World Congress or Interim Meeting, meet the established criteria as per C&B required to be eligible for any particular position and to be voted by the EC.  The committee will not select official nominees.  Nominating Committee members may present themselves as candidates for elective office of the Federation.

Voting: Approved 

Proposed Amendment 4:

  • Bidding & Voting Process for Interim Meeting would be same as that of World Congress.

Voting: Was Not Necessary to be Voted as No more Interim Meeting

Proposed Amendment 5:

  • Proposal to transfer any amount excess over $ 1 million from WFNS account to the WFNS Foundation account for charitable purposes. This transfer will be annualized.

Voting: Approved

Proposed Amendment 6:

  • The President and Vice-President or Secretary (total of 2) of the Host Society of the World Congress who are actually in office during the World Congress will become de facto members of the World Congress Organizing Committee.

Voting: Approved

Proposed Amendment 7:

  • The mission statement of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies shall be:  "The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies and its member societies shall promote global improvement in neurosurgical care, training and research to benefit our patients."


Proposed Amendment 8:

  • The Scoville Award shall be given to only one neurosurgeon.

Voting: Approved

Proposed Amendment 9:

  • The Young Neurosurgeon's Award shall be known as the Atos Alves de Sousa Award.

Voting: Approved

Proposed Amendment 10:

  • In case of the absence of a quorum, the Executive Committee will reconvene within the next 24 hours.

Voting: Approved

Proposed Amendment 11:

  • In exceptional circumstances, if a World Congress is cancelled, the organizers of the proposal, which in bidding received the second highest number of votes, shall be offered the right of first refusal to host that Congress.


2nd Round of Voting if the AC approves Proposed Amendment 1:

Proposed Amendment 12:

  • In order to accommodate the By-laws change reducing all officer terms from 4 to 2 years, exceptionally at the 2019 meeting, a President and a President-Elect will be elected by the Executive Committee. All terms of President, President-Elect and Past-President shall be 2 years, and there will be 9 members of the Administrative Council.

Voting: Did Not Get Approved

Interpretation: Dr. Servadei remains President for a total of 4 years & Beijing 2019 Meeting remains as Interim Meeting

Proposed Amendment 13:

  • In view of the change to 2-year terms for officer bearers, the President of the World Congress & Committee Chairmen and Nominating Committee members shall have 2-year terms.

Voting: Approved

Basant Misra
Secretary, WFNS

August 2022