Statements from 3 Honorary Presidents – Dr. Azevedo-Filho, Dr. Hashimoto, Dr. Tomasello

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

My first words are just to express how grateful and honored I am to the Executive Committee of the WFNS for being elected Honorary President during the last Executive Committee meeting in Istanbul. On this most prestigious position, my thoughts are just to keep doing all the best of my efforts to the greatness of our beloved organization.

After serving in the Administrative Council for 12 years and having had the privilege of organizing the 2011 Interim Meeting in my home town, I could learn and understand the difficulties facing patients and colleagues living and working in much needed areas of the globe and to realize the utmost importance of the WFNS in these regions, promoting therefore the organization and the practice of our specialty in the developing world.On the other hand, the major Constitution & Byklaws changes we approved in Istanbul, which were all promises of Professor Servadei’s campaign, will certainly be an essential tool to render the WFNS more democratic, universal and inclusive.

Hildo Azevedo-Filho MD, PhD, MSc, FRCS Ed (SN)

WFNS Honorary President  


I appreciate very much the enthusiasm, dedication, and energy of all the people who have endeavored to establish this truly international neurosurgical community. We should direct our efforts primarily for our patients and for young people standing on the new horizon of our specialty.

It is my great pleasure and honor to join this WFNS as an honorary president for this purpose again.

Nobuo Hashimoto, MD, PhD

WFNS Honorary President  


"My election as Honorary President of the WFNS is an enormous trust that I received from the international community. It implies for me to honor old and new commitments and, especially, one task: to continue to serve the WFNS, as it will be requested and needed. The great challenge of globalization hopefully may be a source of great advances and - in the meantime - calls us to the great responsibility to fulfill the unmet needs of healthcare and education in Neurosurgery around the world."

Francesco Tomasello, M.D.

WFNS Honorary President

August 2022