Editor's letter

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way!”   (atributed to Thomas Paine, and repeated more recently by General George S. Patton, Lee Iacocca, and Mitt Romney)

Thanks to the energetic contributions of so many of you (who are the heart of the societies that comprise the WFNS) and the dynamic leadership of the WFNS - remarkable progress is being made.

This edition of the WFNS Newsletter documents some of that recent progress:

The minutes of the Administrative Council meeting that took place on February 10, 2018, in Milan are presented.  Please review the minutes to appreciate the advances that are occurring on several fronts.

Summaries of recent WFNS courses are included:

  1. The World Cranial Nerve Disorders Summit in conjunction with the WFNS Neurorehabilitation and Reconstructive Neurosurgery Committee Conference were held in Shanghai China January 12 – 14.
  2. The XIX Course of Applied Microneurosurgery, with organization together with the WFNS Skull Base Committee, was held in Milan Italy February 22 - 24.
  3. The WFNS Neuroendoscopy Course was held in Cairo Egypt March 23 – 24.
  4. The IBNC/WFNS International Basic Neurosurgery Course was held in Belek Antalya Turkey March 29 – April 1.

Finally, an Invitation to everyone to participate in the WFNS Symposia 2018 to be held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia August 15 -19 is presented by the President of the Neurosurgical Association of Malaysia (Prof Hari Chandran) and the Symposia Organizing Chairman (Prof Kantha Rasalingam).  I can personally vouch for the ability of our colleagues in Malaysia to mount an exceptional conference in terms of both scientific and intellectual merit as well as social and cultural enjoyment.  It will be a pleasure to meet friends old and new in “KL”!

I hope you will agree that the WFNS is increasingly assuming a major leadership role not only in global neurosurgery but also in broader healthcare issues worldwide.  We should gladly accept the responsibility to lead!

Russell Andrews



August 2022