WFNS Symposia 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Neurosurgical Association of Malaysia (NAM) is indeed honoured to host the 6th International Symposium of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) 2018 from the 15th to 19th August 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We welcome all Faculty, Delegates and Friends alike to the Hilton Sentral, located in the heart of this cosmopolitan melting pot, Kuala Lumpur. We thank the WFNS for bestowing on us this opportunity, and shall endeavour to make it a memorable one.

We are anticipating the participation in excess of 650 Neurosurgeons from the world over in terms of Faculty, Delegates and Trainees.

6 Pre-Congress Workshops will be conducted on the 15th & 16th of August 2018 on the various subspecialties to suit the different interests of the Neurosurgeons & Trainees alike. They have been lined up to provide hands-on experience with regards to the practical aspects of Neurosurgery.  For the Conference from the 17th to 19th of August 2018, the scientific committee has assembled many eminent and distinguished personalities who will share updates & dynamic insights culminating from their ever evolving practice of Neurological Surgery. The International Faculty heralds from nations around the world and include Professor Madjid Samii, Professor Nelson Oyesiku, Professor Yoko Kato, Professor Ossama Al Mefty, Professor Anil Nanda, Professor Dr Franco Servadei and many more whose participation will give this Symposia the allure it so deserves.

NAM is passionately committed to the training of Young Neurosurgeons (YNS) and the development of Women in Neurosurgery (WINS). We are offering 100 Young Neurosurgeons’ (YNS) Grants for this symposium. To date, the response in terms of applications has been overwhelming.

We have received more than 600 abstracts from over 70 countries, from Member Nations of the 5 Continental Associations of the WFNS. The deadline for Abstract Submissions & YNS Grant Application has been extended to 30th April 2018 due to the overwhelming response and calls for the same.

Kuala Lumpur fondly known as KL, is a modern and bustling city and is one of the Region’s most prosperous capitals. KL is a crucible of culture, technology and gastronomy and boasts a variety of attractions such as interesting heritage sites, shopping, entertainment, nature and adventure. It has long been a go-to destination for both business and leisure trips.

In true Malaysian hospitality, we look forward to welcoming all with open arms. We ensure you an insightful and enjoyable experience here in Malaysia.


With best regards,

Hari Chandran

President of the Neurosurgical Association of Malaysia (NAM)

Kantha Rasalingam

Organising Chairman of the WFNS Symposia 2018



August 2022