Editor's cover letter

Editor’s cover letter - 20 February 2019

“It is called the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies for a reason!”

In this issue, several reports of “worldly” interest appear first:

  1. The minutes of the WFNS-WHO Liaison Committee for the meeting held February 8 during the recent WFNS Administrative Council in Malaga. Numerous topics and projects relevant to global neurosurgery and global healthcare are addressed.
  2. A report on Neurosurgical Education for Young Neurosurgeons by four young neurosurgeons from around the world.
  3. A report from the Secretary General of the WFNS Mass Casualty Committee – prompted by the request for neurosurgical assistance in addressing the several disasters in late 2018 that afflicted Indonesia.
  4. A brief update on the Global Neurotrauma Outcomes Study (GNOS).
  5. Two state-of-the-art reports on intraoperative ultrasound (ioUS) for neurosurgery: first – a summary of how ioUS has developed and the techniques currently available; second – a description of ioUS applications in glioma surgery.

Reports of recent WFNS-sponsored courses and conferences include the following:

  1. The Korean Neurosurgical Society Annual Meeting (11-13 October 2018)
  2. The Latin American Skull Base Course (15-19 October 2018)
  3. The Panarab Neurosurgery Meeting (18-20 October 2018)
  4. The Iranian Workshop on Applied Advanced Anatomy (25-26 October 2018)
  5. The WFNS Spine Committee Biennial Conference (25-27 October 2018)
  6. The Brazilian Symposium on Non-accidental Trauma in Children and Adolescents (23-24 November 2018)
  7. The Japanese Winter Seminar on Cerebrovascular Diseases (21-24 January 2019)
  8. The 2nd International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery (25 to 27 January 2019)


Reports of upcoming WFNS-sponsored courses and conferences include the following:

  1. The 2019 International Conference on Recent Advances in Neurotraumatology (7-10 March 2019)
  2. The 2019 WFNS International Meeting (21-24 March 2019)
  3. The Global Neurosurgery Practice Course (during AANS Annual Scientific Meeting) (14 April 2019)


In the next couple of months, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during the upcoming meetings in Peshawar (ICRAN), Belgrade (WFNS International Conference), and San Diego (AANS). And – as the younger neurosurgeons emphasize – we can use digital technology and the internet for interaction and education at any time!

Russell Andrews

August 2022