Latin American Skull Base Course 15-19 October 2018, Mexico City

The 1st Latin American Skull Base Course was held at the Centro Médico Nacional 20 de Noviembre and the Surgery Cadaver Lab in UNAM, Mexico City. The course organizer was Diego Mendez Rosito MD. The course sponsors were Braun Aesculap, Zeiss, Baxter, Rebstock, ProduMed, Mava, Comerlat.

The course included cadaveric demonstrations, 6 live surgeries, and 4 days of lectures by internationally renowned masters of skull base surgery. The course presenters included:
Argentina: Alvaro Campero MD Brazil: Luis Borba MD, Roberto Leal MD, Carlos Eduardo da Silva MD Mexico: Juan Luis Gomez Amador MD, Gerardo Guinto Balanzar MD USA: Jonathan Forbes MD, James Liu MD, Gustavo Pradilla MD, Pablo Recinos MD, Mark Wiet MD

The 135 course participants came from 12 countries: USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Perú, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, China.

The course content included 5 days full of academic activities. The participants who attended the hands-on modality had the opportunity to learn one-on-one directly from live demonstrations of the Skull Base Masters. The program included 6 live surgeries by Drs. Borba, Liu, and Campero that were transmitted to the Auditorium of the CMN 20 de Noviembre Medical Center, where invaluable opinions from the OR and the faculty enriched the experience. An academic discussion of shared experiencies and opinions was originated with the live transmission of pituitary adenoma surgery simultaneously by endoscopic vs microscopic approaches. Keynote speakers shared their experience in the management of complex skull base pathology. The meeting was a great opportunity to share experiences with colleagues around the world in the Mexican Night.

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