2nd Workshop on Applied Advanced Anatomy (AAA) 25-26 October 2018, Tehran

The course focused on the anatomy of, and surgical approaches to, the thoracic spine. Eleven lectures were presented by faculty during two days, including anatomy of the spine and spinal cord, biomechanics, electrophysiological studies, fixation techniques, thoracic discectomy, osteotomies, and principles of kyphosis and scoliosis correction.

After theoretical sessions, practical sessions started in the CAD Lab as a hands-on cadaver course. Fixation techniques, osteotomies, and trans-facet pedicle sparing discectomy were practiced. Six cadavers were dissected and four participants were trained on each cadaver.

The participants included 20 neurosurgeons and four residents, as well as foreign colleagues from Afghanistan and Iraq. They received certificates on the last day.

This course was sponsored by Hakim Farmed company (Ulrich®, Germany).

The AAA course is a quarterly event which will discuss a specific anatomical region each time. Courses are organized by the Education Committee of Iranian Society of Neurosurgery, in collaboration with the Department of Anatomy in the Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Poor Sina Street, Tehran. Proper light sources, camera, monitors and video projector are provided to enhance knowledge transfer. The lectures and surgical procedures are recorded and uploaded at the event's website; www.neuroanatomies.com. Moreover, basic neurosurgical instruments and devices are provided and a skill lab is launched in the Tehran Faculty of Medicine for advanced post-graduate training courses.

The scientific committee of courses includes Dr. Javadi, Dr. Sahrifi, Dr. Shirvani, Dr. Ketabchi, Dr. Alijani, Dr. Rahimizadeh, Head of Anatomy Department and one invited faculty for each event.

We are looking forward to meeting international participants and faculty in future events.

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