1st SALV Symposium on Non-Accidental Trauma in Children and Adolescents 23-24 November 2018, São Paulo, Brazil

The SALV (suicide, accidents, legal implications, and violence) Symposium, held at the Hotel Braston in São Paulo, addressed medical, social, psychological, legal, and public issues to develop solutions to reduce violence against children and adolescents. The knowledge of social disparities, family needs, and multiple causes of violence provided information on how multidisciplinary teams can change the lives of victims of violence.

A variety of legal issues in medicine, including initiatives to address violence against children, challenges, and progress made were discussed by experts in the field.

Among the subjects discussed during the 2-day meeting were:

  • Human rights and violation
  • Breaking the cycle of child abuse and the recurrent nature of violence
  • Supporting healthcare professionals
  • Child abuse screening in the emergency room
  • Interpersonal violence and patterns of destructive behaviors
  • Nonaccidental head trauma


Course organizers: Nelci Zanon, MD, PhD; Roberta Rehder, MD, PhD; Gabriela Zembruski, MD, Jose Roberto Tude, MD, PhD, Jorge Bizzi, MD, PhD; Pauo Henrique Pires de Aguiar, MD, PhD.

Local organizers: CENEPE, ADM, Grupo Alakai.

Course support: National and Continental Neurosurgical and Medical Societies (FLANC, SBN, SBN Ped, ABNc, SONESP, APM); Lawyers Association OAB and Non- Governmental Organizations (Childhood, Safe Kids, Neurokids).

Course sponsors – Braincare, Synnergy, Orthoneuro,

Course content/format –Lectures

Course presenters: over 20 presenters including 3 international neurosurgeons: Eylem Ocal, MD, PhD, USA; Beatriz Mantese, MD, Argentina; Federico Di Rocco, MD, PhD, France (Webconference).

Course participants: 100 - including medical students, law students, attorneys, nurses, psychologists, pediatricians, neurosurgeons, neonatologists, social workers

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