5th Winter Seminar on Cerebrovascular Diseases Fujita Health University, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 21-24 January 2019



Course Organizers: President: Prof Yoko Kato Vice President: Prof Katsumi Takizawa

Organising Committee: Dr Yasuhiro Yamada, Dr Tsukasa Kawase, Dr Riki Tanaka, Dr Kyosuke Miyatani, Dr Teranishi, Dr Lavlesh Rathore, Dr Satya Senapathi, Dr Satish Kannan, Dr Adi Ahmetspahic

Course Sponsors: WFNS Foundation, ACNS, Yoko Kato Foundation

KONICHIWA, Hello from Japan.
With months of planning and hard work behind us, with the only aim and aspiration to make the 5th winter seminar on cerebrovascular diseases an academic feast and a memorable one - we set stride to achieve it.

It began with a Welcome Party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, where we not only had a delicious dinner but time to interact and see the fun side of these legendary neurosurgeons.

Course Content: Keynote lectures by experts in open microvascular and endovascular neurosurgery, young neurosurgeons session, live operative demonstrations, hands-on course on microvascular bypass, clipping, carotid endarterectomy, endovascular access, mechanical thrombectomy, coiling, endoscopic drilling.

We went on to the first day with great keynote lectures by the experts in open microvascular and endovascular neurosurgery. followed by hands-on workshops on microvascular-bypass, clipping, carotid endarterectomy, endovascular access, mechanical thrombectomy, coiling, endoscopic drilling.

The second day began with keynote lectures, followed by live-operative demonstration of STA-MCA bypass, posterior circulation aneurysm, carotid endarterectomy, followed by a variety of papers by young neurosurgeons in the YNS session.

Then over the next two days we were able witness all variety of complex aneurysmal clipping by the expert neurovascular surgeons Prof Dr Yoko Kato and Prof Dr Katsumi Takizawa, followed by carotid artery stenting, aneurysm coiling by the endovascular team - thereby giving all the delegates a complete 360 degree exposure in the field of microvascular and endovascular neurosurgery.

Course Presenters: 15 senior expert faculty from Japan , 60 delegates / young neuro surgeons

Course Participants: A total of 60 delegates participated - 16 from India, 7 from China, 6 each from Malaysia and Indonesia, 4 from Myanmar, with delegates also from Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal, Viet Nam, Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Algeria. Approximately 10 alumni of the fellowship program at Fujita also participated and were actively involved as moderators in the conference.

Over 70 papers were presented in the YNS session, and the 10 best papers were given awards.

The legendary Prof Dr Hirotoshi Sano presented an inspiring message to the young neurosurgeons on the last session saying, "The only way to become a great neurosurgeon is to do every task with interest & perfection - give your best effort!".

This was followed by a fun-filled farewell dinner party, with delegates singing and dancing in a party mood.

Overall the 5th winter seminar was an academically enriching experience, with lots learnt over 4 days. All the delegates had a great time interacting with the experts, watching them work from close quarters, and learning tips and tricks of the trade.

Finally all this was only possible with the vision, will power, and untiring efforts of Prof Dr Yoko Kato and her team. The delegates are thankful and will e indebted forever. Moreover, the great accommodation, snacks, lunch and dinner boxes were provided to all free of cost!

We all left Japan with lots of pleasant memories and new friends, plus knowledge and inspiration acquired over the 4 days. We all ae eagerly looking forward to the next Winter Seminar!

Until then goodbye - SAYONORA

August 2022