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    Name of the WFNS Training Centre:

    Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital, Fujita Health University, Post-Graduate Training Center


    About the Training Center:

    Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital is the second teaching hospital where located in the downtown of Nagoya, Aichi. We developed the excellent center of stroke and advance neurosurgery center. The hospital is belonging to the Fujita Health University Hospital that has more than 1,500 beds, which is the greatest number in a single medical institution in Japan. Approximately 2,100 patients visit our outpatient department every day, and we perform more than 11,000 surgeries a year.


    Program Details:

    • Duration of fellowship will be 1-6 months
    • Fellows will be paid the accommodation charges during studying in the department. The accommodation place is located near the teaching hospital.
    • Traveling expenses should be borne by the fellows.
    • Fellows will be allowed attend to conferences, workshops and other educational activities in Japan and international conferences during the fellowship period.



    • Fellows can choose to observe any neurosurgical subspecialty they are interested in, which include: Cerebrovascular surgeries, Brain tumors, Endoscopic surgeries, Interventional neuroradiology etc. The other subspecialty or requested by fellows will be offered to another hospital where have a contract with our hospital. The emergency operation will be served for the fellows who would like to attend also.
    • Fellows will also attend regular rounds in wards and Neuro intensive care unit.
    • Fellows are encouraged to actively participate in educational discussions such as journal club or topic review.
    • Fellows are not permitted to perform surgeries however they can assist. They can discuss the procedural technique in the case.
    • Fellows will be allowed to write the article and publish their work during the fellowship program.


    Required documentation:

    • A copy of the passport or the ID card
    • A copy of the diploma in Medicine or a certificate issued by the Faculty of Medicine.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • The letter(s) of recommendation.
    • A motivation letter


    How to Apply:

    The applicant please fill out the Online Application Form. Only the online application will be accepted.


    Further Information:

    Please contact
    Prof. Yoko Kato
    Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery
    Banbuntane Hotokukai Hospital Fujita Health University
    E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]



    March 2023